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I started out on a journey to find joy in something I do. I started sketching while I was thinking and realized that this would be a great way for me to unleash from my day to day life.  I’ve always had stories and images in my head but never thought of myself as an artist, so I never tried doing anything with them.  I began to draw simple images on just about any scrap of paper I could find.  My drawings started out simple as I struggled to put what was in my mind onto paper.  But through study and hours upon hours of practice I soon found my ideas taking light.  Wherever I go I take paper and pencils with me.  When an idea comes I can’t rest until I am able to sketch it out for fear the idea will disappear.  It’s been wonderful to see my children take their creativity and ideas to the next level as they have watched me live out my dreams.

I’ve still a long way to go with lots of learning to do, but I believe that you should never limit yourself by what you think you can do, but achieve what you wish you can do.

Cost of my Commissions

11 x 17 Single Character $75
additional Character $50

Children’s Book Illustration $75/page
Children’s Book Layout $100

Logo Design $75

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